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Kari Scotece, CPC, CMC

If you are searching for a way to reach your goals, search no further! You have found your answer with Warrior Coaching Group!  I am a mother to seven children and married to my high school sweetheart, and business partner.  I am a military spouse, former educator, and business owner. I look forward to working with you!

About Me

 Experiencing the challenges of being an educator, a military spouse, helping my spouse transition out of the military, parenting, chronic illness, elderly caregiving, and food allergies have made me who I am today! I'd like to empower you to overcome these challenges, too!

How I can be of service:

  • Nutrition, Wellness, and Fitness coaching*

  • Divorce Coaching

  • Family Life Coaching*

  • Financial Coaching

  • Life Skills Coaching*

  • Transitioning from the Military Coaching*

  • Relationship Coaching*

  • Parenting Coaching*

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